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Moody Takes American Spectator Driving Challenge 

Dave Moody took full advantage of a weekend off from Winston Cup broadcasting to drive a racecar at Riverside Speedway in Groveton, NH. Moody appeared quite comfortable behind the wheel of Hanaford Associates American Spectator Driving Challenge car.

Moody claims, "I've had guys offer to build me a racecar to drive competitively in the past, but my MRN schedule keeps me pretty busy. This is the first weekend I've had off this year and it wouldn't take a real smart man to figure out if I compromised my full time job to drive a race car that I would be broke in a hurry. But this is really great fun."

Shirley Gilbert registered fast times consistently, along with her brother Burt, Floyd Bennett, Jeremy Hall and Steve Hodgdon.Shirley also took pictures of American Spectator Driving Challenge event and showed no fear as she flew around the track with Moody in a second Hanaford Associates camouflage car. Hanaford explains, "These Camo cars are a perfect link to Hunters and Fisherman. I never met a race team that wasn't hunting for victory lane or talking about the Big one that got away. One needs a good hook to properly promote an event like this, along with full cooperation from media and local business. I'll be completing a handicap accessible NASCAR that Winston Cup star Terry Laborite drove to victory lane in Dover, Delaware. We have begun modifying the Laughlin racing chassis with doors that open, an automatic transmission, and hand controls on a pilot wheel." 

Hanaford rolled into the Great North Woods hoping to find motorsport enthusiast. Shirley, Burt, Floyd, Jeremy, and the Hodgdon brothers helped out tremendously in the same manor as Mark Boulanger & Craig Hood. These people showed they are all truly threads in the fabric that make stock car racing America's fastest growing, number one spectator sport.

American Spectator Driving Challenge visit New England short tracks for a fraction of cost of larger tracks like New Hampshire International Speedway. Students learn a new set of parameters and have fun before jumping to big tracks to invest a lot more money to get a lot less experience.

Hanaford Associates American Spectator Driving Challenge can position product and increase sales for any business, in any industry, with any advertising budget. Cumberland Farms offered customers a FREE chance to WIN an experience at New Hampshire stores, and will partner with Hanaford Associates for another year. Next year students that complete a short track program, will be invited to drive at New Hampshire International Speedway. Hanaford says, "Everyone wants to say they drove at NHIS, but safety is our number one concern. If someone cant humble themselves enough to learn what their doing on a short track, they don't belong on a big track in one of my cars. If it was safe to just strap in a car on a big track, insurance wouldn't cost me 10,000 a year and Petty wouldn't use pace cars to keep students from driving over their head. We have some of the best regional short track drivers instructing students and haven't had a complaint in two years. Visit Hanaford Associates American Spectator Driving Challenge on the web at and read what former students say. Reservations can be made for season ending driving experiences at Canaan USA speedway October 11 & 19. Don't delay, drive today by phoning 603-968-7433.