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Cumberland Farms Big Fan Racing/American Spectator Driving Challenge races on ice with Bruin Legends team

26th annual Bud Light Old Knights hockey tournament attracted national & international attention from over 900 hockey players age 35 and older. All Star players chosen from over sixty tournament teams representing Canada and the United States were selected to challenge the Bruin Legends in two twenty minute periods of hockey. Cumberland Farms American Spectator Driving Challenge ignited the crowd at intermission, when the engine fired up and the car spun victory lane donuts at center ice. Bruin Legends Bob Sweeney, Terry O’Reilly and Steve Leach then skated to center ice for pictures with Cumberland Farms racecar. Event photographer John Scot (Sherburne) said, “It has been a life long dream come true to meet Terry O’Reilly, former Boston Bruins star. I got some great pictures and it may be a picture from an event like this that puts me on the map.”

Cumberland Farms American Spectator Driving Challenge scores a Winning goal with Bruin Legends. Rick Currier of Holderness, NH explains, “Hana was at center ice pitching O’Reilly, and Sweeney about Cumberland Farms American Spectator Driving Challenge. Leach picked up on the American Spectator Driving Challenge appeal and mentioned a NESN adventure series he will host…something seems to be brewin’ in Bruins country!”

New Hampshire businessman is driving hockey event. Former Olympian Steve Leach played hockey at University of New Hampshire, and Boston Bruins. Life after hockey unites Leach with business partner Leo Gould, the guy responsible for bringing Cumberland Farms Stock Car Driving into hockey event. Leo played for the LA Kings, owns the Lowell, JR. Lock Monsters, and is no stranger to Motorsports. Gould explains, “Christian Party Rentals (his company) supply tents for events at New Hampshire International Speedway. We had a suite at the speedway, sponsored Joe Bessey one year, and he WON. He came up after the race to celebrate with us, what a great guy! Steve Leach is a great guy also, we will be talking …”

If you are interested in driving a racecar, or linking your business to the prestige and appeal of NASCAR, Cumberland Farms American Spectator Driving Challenge is your ticket to ride. Hanaford says, “This is newsworthy at any level…A salesman for Volkswagen is coming from Chicago, Budweiser and Bud Lite commercial film producers are coming from New York City, UPS is sending a couple people from NJ, & Gould Pump distributors are sending somebody to check out our level of professionalism. Negotiations are being finalized to incorporate remote control cars and BMW racecars. This is plain old Yankee ingenuity that separates us from the competition. We deliver more for the buck, by sharing thrill-seeking adventures to any business, in any industry, with any advertising budget. We got a fast start this year with Boston St. Patrick's Day parade and Bruin Legends game. Walter Flynn took the challenge, “The most exciting experience in my 70 plus years on this earth. I haven’t stopped grinning yet. It is one thing to see the action from the stands, but being down on the track, looking up at the enormity of the stands, accelerating down pit lane, and then going around the track at breath taking speed-it was a thrill I’ll always remember! I’ve told everyone, it was the best and I wish you great success bringing this thrill to everyone". For additional information, visit American Spectator Driving Challenge web site at,don’t delay-call today! 603-968-7433