Would you believe these four guys came all the way from France to see the action at Thunder Road?? Well, maybe they are really here to study but I bet they had a great time at the track and will go home and tell all their friends about those crazy Americans ( and Canadians too) that drive real fast in circles and run into each other a lot!! In no particular order Philippe Joly, Lionel Cachot, Jacques-Oliver Busdin and Gregory Pessonneaux pose for Outside Groove in front of the New England Dodge Dealers display outside of Thunder Road.

Would you believe that Corey Pittsley won one of the best appearing car awards just prior to the race? Poor Corey SHOT off the turn two bank and tore the heck out of his car. Not a good start to the year. He was ok in the crash and we should see his car back in shape for the next race.

Dick Lowery takes the high side in a thrilling battle with Pete Ainsworth. The two ran each other hard and touched a few times as they battled for position. Lowery ended up getting the spot in the heat but they would both have to race again to make the feature event.