Fall Foliage 200 Oct. 6-7, 2001

Former ACT and BGNN driver Mike Bruno came back for the second race in a row. From what I hear he is going to be back in ACT full time next year. Consider him one of the favorites for the championship if he does so. This is one top notch team. Here Mike gets ready to go out from some practice on Saturday.






Yes, that is our Justin St. Louis going ohhh four and a half wide in the first turn of the first lap of his heat race!! That boy is either brave or crazy... or a bit of both. Airborne sure lends itself to different racing then Thunder Road, eh?







Here are your die hard fans folks!! Big thumbs up to those that braved the cold temps and high winds on Saturday. Lot of people stay home when there is no feature on that day but those that bundled up got to see some great action... not to mention a good practice day for the Nov 23rd NHIS NASCAR race! Bet its just as cold on that day! Brrrrrrrr.






This weeked was rough on Jamie Fisher. If it could go wrong, it DID go wrong. This is the B Feature on Sunday. The team had worked all night to fix the car he tore up in the Consi the day before. He needed a provisional to get into the feature race and it did not get any better from here.







 A crewman for Mike Bruno is seen here glueing the lug nuts onto the rim. The crew guys are the forgotten faces behind the scenes that make races happen. If you know a member of a team, make sure you thank them for all the work they do so you can enjoy the races as much as you do.