Crete Motorsports Show March 2002

New this year to keep the fans busy was this cool RC Stock Car track. Folks paid a few bucks to trade paint in Winston Cup replicas on what looked like a small scale Bristol track. So far as I know there were no penalties handed out for rough driving or post race fistfights!






The influence of Dale Earnhardt Jr. was felt all over this years show. Here is someones Go Kart that is done up in the #8 motif. It looked pretty sharp. From seeing the other Karts it seems Red is a popular color.








Here is an Airborne Renegade also doing the #8 scheme for 2002. Sharp car. These just make me think back to the good ole days of NASCAR when you could tell the cars apart from more then their headlight and tailight decals.






Here is the real deal, one of Dale Jr's Winston Cup cars. This was a fan favorite for sure. To tell the truth though some of the local boys cars were just as snazzy as this big dollar car.







Case in point. This car was without a doubt one of the best looking cars at the show. Wanna bet he don't have a 15 Millon dollar sponsor?