Claremont Speedway May 4,2002

The Street Stock field takes to the track in the early Heat Race action at Claremont Speedway on Saturday night. These cars were pretty cool as they ran the gamut from early 80s iron to early 90s looking machines. 





These guys uses every inch of the track and then when that is not enough a few of them even decided to try the dirt bank on the back stretch. Gotta bet thats a wild ride. Anyone know what all the white lines painted on the back stretch are for?




Some Pro Stocks mixing it up in the Heats. Damn pole! I thought it was pretty cool watching these guys run and except for a few guys that are likely new to the division everyone ran pretty fast and pretty clean. I would put names to cars but I can't seem to find the program I picked up... soon as I do I will give the drivers the credit they deserve.



More Pro Stock action. Three wide with a forth guy sticking his nose up in there. 





Here is what most of the crowd showed up for... Modifieds! My first Mod race in a number of years. They sure can haul the mail through the corners! The heats were a little boring but the feature was action packed and the crowd was loving it. Side by side action for 20 laps or so and almost all of it super clean. I wish I had pics of the feature but it was too dark for my camera, sorry. Do yourself a favor and just head down some Saturday nite, the whole family can go to races for $20.00 so it beats a movie anyday!



This is RACING, not a pace lap. Check out how close they run! If this don't get your blood pumping then I am afraid you need to see a doctor!





This guy in the #5 in the Lightning division had to be the craziest dude on the track. He ran that T-bird over every inch of the track and then tried to use some of the pit road to race on.... he about near creamed that scarey looking wall!




Told ya he was nutz! This happened on the same lap! He was GOING to the front and nothing was stopping him, not even a lack of race track. I think he ended up running 3rd but he sure had me pulling for him all night!




I will put up some more pictures as soon as I get my program and get everything straight. I want to give a special thanks to Dave Lawson for hooking me up with some free passes to the track and as a special bonus here is a video clip of a lap of Modified action for you to see just so you can get interested in going to see them live. Please Right click on the link and save the clip to your computer to help save on bandwidth and keep my costs down. Thanks.