ACT Sophomore Dave Wilcox - "I Ain't Scared Of No Jinx"
For Immediate Release                                            ACT15-031302
     Waterbury, VT - - Dave Wilcox of Enosburg, VT, the 2001 ACT Rookie of the Year, says, with
ghostbuster conviction, that he's not concerned about a sophomore jinx.  Wilcox and his Richard Green
Trucking teammates are nearing completion of a new Chevrolet Monte Carlo for the upcoming ACT Dodge
Tour opener at Star Speedway, April 13.
     "The best remedy for that is preparation and we're in good shape," reports Wilcox.  "The new car
(Newman chassis, ACT spec engine) is nearly done, but we've also been busy with other parts of our
program.  We've put a lot of effort into the fabrication and layout of our trailer and the race shop itself.  We
definitely want to improve, and we've been doing our homework."
     If sophomore jinxes really exist, Wilcox needs to be doubly wary.  He was the Late Model Rookie of
the Year at Airborne Raceway, as well as on the Tour, and also earned the ACT Late Model Sportsmanship
Award.  His successful rookie year on the ACT Dodge Tour placed him 23rd overall, and included a season's
best 7th place finish in the Gate City 100 at Hudson Speedway.
     Wilcox is one of 34 full-season entrants for the 2002 ACT Dodge Tour.  More than 40 Late Model
teams are expected at the Star opener.  An even higher car count is expected for the second Tour contest,
the Merchants Bank Freedom Lynx 150 at Thunder Road in Barre, VT Sunday, May 5.
     "No one from our team had any Late Model experience last year," says the former NAPA Flying Tiger
star.  "I think  that building our own car the first time around is going to help us in the long run.  We tried
everything last year.  We struggled, but we were learning all the while.  We were close several times, but that
last tenth or two, to match the top cars, is the hardest to find."
     "All rookies have to try and be patient and to learn who you can race with under what conditions,"
offers Wilcox.  "These cars are more fragile than the Flying Tiger cars.  The Flying Tiger guys I raced with
were more tolerant of a little banging around than the Late Models are.  That's partly because the Tiger cars
are more rugged.  We went through a lot of wheels last year and you figure out after a while that it pays to be
     Wilcox's teammates include owners Rick and Ann Green, his wife Michelle, Jason Paquette, Judy
Wright and Heather Gonyeau.  Rick is hands on," reports Wilcox, "he's right there under the car, changing
gears in ninety degree heat, and Jason's a real plus.  He had never been around racing until this past
season, but he's a quick learner."
   "We didn't qualify for either race at Star last year, so we could worry about that, but I feel very
confident, actually," says Rick Green.  "I think we've given Dave the tools to improve, and I think he's got a lot
of ability.  We spent a lot of time selecting a builder for the new car and we went with Ray Newman of
Hueytown, Alabama.  He's an Allison guy and he had the ACT rules for two weeks before he committed to
building us a quality car.  A lot of people would just say, sure I'll build you a good one right away.  When we
ran in the Tiger division, we went out there every night thinking we could win.  We want to get to that point
with the Late Models.  I wish the season started today, I think we're ready."