The Subway 100 @ Canaan USA Speedway, Canaan , NH June 23, 2002

Team Outside Groove driver Davydd Welch (23) and Double O Joe Steffan (00) lead a Flying Tiger field towards green. The Tigers where in Canaan as part of the Subway Series.





Trevor Lyman (40) gets it sideways in 4 ahead of Mike " Beetle" Bailey (10) and Brian Boudreau (96).







Reno Gervais (12) and John Langlois (45) tangle up and lose control as Ray Streans (89) motors away.








 Subway Flying Tiger 50 event winner Roger Brown (99) puts a move on  Jay Webb (50) . Roger is on a hot streak winning two in a row at Thunder Road and now this race as well. Can anyone touch him? They don't call him the Rocket Man for nothing.






#25 Joey " Berzerko " Becker... you can almost see the wild look in his eyes as he sizes up the next car he needs to pass.









There is that Ryan Nolin kid sticking it three wide again. This kid needs a nickname... I offer up Speed Racer! You know.. here he comes, here comes Speed Racer, he's a demon on Wheels... sing it with me. You can almost hear the theme when Ryan is moving from the rear to the front. Ryan won the Street Stock Special 50 lapper after Dustin Criss was DQ'ed.