20 Questions with Big Bigelow

1. How long have you been involved in motorsports?

I guess you can say all my live. Was Dad was a racer.


2. What is your earliest memory in motorsports?

Saturday nights at Waterford VT.


3. Do you see motorsports gaining in popularity or will it start to decline as people get bored with it?

On the National level it'll gain for a few more years until the "new" fans figure it out its all smoke and mirrors and has nothing to do with RACING. Local tracks will gain unless the Cup gang run a bunch of Sat. nights. If so then the local tracks will be forced to close their gates.


4. What is the best race you have ever seen live?

Not sure I can name just one.


5. Do you think NASCAR running Winston Cup races has an effect on the attendance of local short tracks across the USA ?

 BIG TIME. There are two kinds of fans. Real race fans pack up their cars and go to the races while the TV fans stay home and watch it on TV and THINK they're race fans... they ain't


6. If you were in charge of NASCAR but could only make one change, what change would that be?

I'd run EVERY race Milk Bowl style.


7. What advice would you give to a young driver looking to get into racing?

Spend other people's money (find sponsors) or don't start racing. Too many racers families go without so Dad can go racing.


8. How did you get involved in motorsports?

My Dad was a driver.


9. In your honest opinion... whats the best race track in the world? What is the worst?

Thunder Road - Any Cup track that Dave Moody and his buddies on MRN catch hell for saying ONE GROOVE RACE TRACK over the airways. Which I'm sorry to say is more than half of them. Come to think about ANY and all road courses STINK and should be turned into Wal-Marts.


10. Do you think the internet has helped people get information about racing or do you think it is just a vast wasteland of sites full of rumors and lies?

Like anything there's some good ones and bad ones. But the good ones are a big help getting out info.


11. You can have dinner with anyone in motorsports (living or dead), who would you chose? Why?

 Anyone of about a 100. All great stories I'm sure.


12. What is your opinion on "bending" the rules and working in that gray area of a rulebook? What about out and out cheating and disregards for the rules?

 Bending is fine but black and white rules should be followed. Cheaters should loss all of the day/nights points and money and then be hit with a fined.


13. Its the last lap of a dream race.... who are the drivers and at what track would you like to see them battle it out?

 Again 100s if not 1000s but I guess Thunder Road - Stubby and Bobby Dragon.


14. What is the one thing you wish more fans would know about motorsports? How could they possibly learn that one thing?

 If your favorite driver is involved in a wreck they is a 50/50 chance it's his fault. Get you head out of your hinny and see that. Sorry to say 95% never will learn that.


15. How do you think racing has managed to keep a somewhat wholesome imagine while other major sports have what seems to be endless scandals involving drugs, crime, etc?

Drivers travel from track to track with their families while others are on the road without their love ones with too much time on their hands.


16. What could be done in racing to get it more diverse as far as minority involvement?



17. What do you think about Imported car manufactures getting into major league auto racing in the USA ?



18. Your choice.... one ticket to a big league NASCAR race or a seasons pass to your favorite local short track... which would you chose and why?

Local short track. More racing during the B-feature than all 500 miles at most of the cookie cutter tracks.


19. Where do you see yourself in 5 years as far as motorsports goes?

Same place as I am today. Short tracks and not Cup races.


20. When you want a break from the world of motorsports, what are some of the things you like to do?

 Why would I want a break from racing????????????

Sporting events that either of my two Son's are involved in.