20 Questions

Outside Groove is happy to announce a new feature on our website. We thought you fans might find it interesting if we were to ask various people involved with MotorSports a bunch of questions to help you get to know who they are and how they feel about certain topics. The one thing we wanted to do was make sure everyone got the same 20 questions, which turned out hard because you tend to want to ask a driver different thens then say a writer or track promotor. So just click the links below to find out what these people are thinking. If you feel like answering the questions yourself, feel free to send them to us and maybe we will have a fan section of 20 Questions.


Justin St Louis - Driver 

Dave Moody- Writer/Announcer

Big Bigelow - Writer

Eddie Companion Jr- Driver

Davydd Welch- Driver

Brian Hanaford- Marketing

Leif Tillotson- Photographer

Tom Curley- ACT Director/Promotor

Dave Dion- Legendary Racer


More coming.....!!!