Have you ever seen anyone sit so close to the wheel? How does he even get in the car with the seat so close to the dash?
Never fails when I go to Groveton and see these little cars run, one gets stuffed in the wall hard. Luckily she was ok and even came back out in the feature to slowly take a lap.
The only two Mustangs in Street Stocks and one was from Thunder Road. Seems just a few years ago that Mustangs were the ONLY 4 cyl Street Stock to have, now its all FWD cars like Cavaliers and Sunfires.
When was the last time  you saw TWO old Dodge Challengers ( one is really a 'Cuda but I am not gonna pick nits) at a local short track race?
Dwayne Lanphear putting the power down, look at that sidewall crinkle!
The racing was close and fun to watch with these guys.
This is not an audition for Vanishing Point 2!
Those he does a great job of saving it and blasting through the grass.
Not a great start to the Late Model race, but hey, things happen, right?