Patrick Laperle deep in thought before going out.
After a long winter it was great to see some paint being traded!
 Oh and three wide stuff...  oh how I missed three wide action this winter.
Jean Paul Cyr with a slightly different look. I must say I like it.
Trampas Demers ends up planted in the wall during qualifying action.
Leclerc and Brent Dragon tangle and Steve Monroe I think it is locks em up to avoid them.
Katrina Canney makes her ACT debut. She failed to make the feature but didn't do bad for a rookie.
The True Value Mods were in town and boy do they make the earth shake when they roar by!
Cadillac?  Yeah ok, tell me where to order my Caddy with that much get up and go and I might trade my car in!
Ted Christopher in the 00. You just KNOW that he will provide some action on the track. Love him or hate him, the guy has some mad skills.
Not sure what your paying for gas but I bet race fuel is twice as much and pouring out on the ground during a race is like just lighting your wallet on fire and walking away!
I bet every time I have been to Lee and Patrick Laperle was there as well, I got a pic of him sideways.
Ok, normally this is someone who forgot his hood pins... but look close, the bar the pins are on came loose. I suspect whoever welded that might be just a bit embarassed!
Lap 4 and Jean Paul Cyr is spun sideways and the field scrambles to get past.
Back a bit, rookie Nick Sweet is not so luck and gets plowed, ending his debut.
Remember when I said 3 wide racing was awesome? Well FOUR wide racing makes you wonder how folks can even stand waiting all winter!
Jean Paul Cyr ends his day in turns 3 and 4. Very rare for that team to DNF but with the new rule allowing you to drop your worst finish, he is still in the hunt for the title.
Scott Dragon looked like he might have THE car to beat til it shut down for a few seconds on a restart putting him half a lap behind the last place car. He eventually caught the pack and worked his way through some of them.
But was eventually caught and passed by leader Joey Pole. Dragon gave it a great effort but it was not meant to be on this day. I would watch out though, that ACT Title might stay in Milton, just at a different house this winter.
Though Pole ran away the rest of the field was battling hard for each spot.
Ted Christopher proving I was right..... at the start of the feature he got tangled up with another car when that car got punted from the rear. Teddy went on like nothing happened battled for the lead for a while before fading to mid pack by the end.